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Thavar 818V fit pics

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I do not agree with some reviews about these jeans . They are true to size and no the waist is not loose. Denim is not thin like tepphar for instance even if it's a blend of linen and cotton (quite original). Fading is very subtle. I am a fan of black and grey jeans. Waist is 27 and inseam 30 ( not specified though although they are not fashion jeans IMO).
Very satisfied of my purchase, but were the white spots (like paint spot and brush) necessary ? Not sure.

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Thank you for posting the review and the fit pics Pryv!By the way,they fit great!

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Thank you. Apologies for the pics poor quality could not do better at night with the cellphone !
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great wash for fall. good fit

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Rather stiff fabric but will stretch a little for sure.
Quite unusual to find linen in winter garnments though icon_smile.gif
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Did you get a chance to see Belther in 818v as well?? I'm heading to San Fran flagh ship next weekend can't wait to check it out!

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No i did not icon_sad.gif i ordered online actually i am so busy i have not time to spare for shopping in stores.
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New pic at daylight
Diesel belt and vans
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Nice fit pics! Planning to buy these. My Shioner/Thavar size for 100% cotton is 32 and for 98/2 jeans 31. Can someone help me decide?

@ Phukette

If i remember right you have these...

Have heard mixed feelings about the size...
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Stick to your usual size, cloth is light and will stretch a little, it's a mix of cotton and linen.
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