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Hello everyone, I'm Sonj from the Philippines. I came across your site today as I was Googling "how to spot a counterfeit LV Speedy 30 Monogram". I read the blog of one member (sorry I'm not so good with names) who bought a counterfeit Speedy Azur. I'm a jeans lover too, but it's the LV Speedy that brought me here. I'd like to take this opportunity now to ask for your help, opinions, comments. I'm here in Canada for a business trip and have been coming here regularly for the past 3 years. This trip, I bought a Speedy 30 Monogram from a lady (that I didn't get to meet cause she sent her "son" to meet up with me).                                          

















She claimed it was authentic so I did very little research on how a real Speedy 35 looks like on the LV website. Then I started reading about fake ones and started to have doubts. I wanted to bring it to an LV store but I don't want the purse confiscated because after all, I spent $500 on it (which is really 20,000 for me on my home currency). Anyways, I would greatly appreciate it if you guys can help me by telling me if this is authentic or fake. Thank you all so much in advance. Here are some pictures.