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Paging Dior Homme Experts

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Hello, I have a few questions about Dior Homme jeans so please bear with me.


1) My favorite pair of Dior jeans are the dark indigo blue ones with no distress or fading. I was wondering if these were only available in raw denim? Whenever I see them, they're listed as raw.


2) A few of my friends advised me to stay away from wearing white clothes/shoes or going near white furniture when first wearing raw denim because the dye can bleed onto surfaces. With Dior is the bleeding really that bad? What are steps to take to avoid bleeding without damaging the color that much?


Thanks for the help.

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1)  I think you are describing the raw jeans.  There are two varieties, made in Japan (MIJ) and made in Italy (MII).  They have different prices and are slightly different.


In addition, there have been various pairs of jeans over the years that look more or less like raw jeans, but aren't actually raw.  Infinite Mind from FW 09 and the Monk jeans with the zipper on the back pocket from FW 10 are two like this that come to mind, although both of these have a little bit of whiskering at the top of the thigh.  If you were to look at either of these side-by-side with the raws, it would be obvious which is which, but if you just saw someone wearing them, it might not be immediately obvious.  


2)  I have both the indigo and black raw denim.  They both bleed.  For example, if you wear a pair of white high tops and if the bottom of the jeans kind of sits inside the ankle, it is very common for the tongue and/or the inside of the ankle to get stained.  Also, I have a white belt that has some blue on the inside from wearing it with the indigo raws.


Eventually the raw denim will stop bleeding, but I've had my pairs for quite a while and they both still bleed.  I don't wear white shirts or white shoes with them.


I don't know how to avoid bleeding.  Maybe someone else here can help with that, and I'd be interested to know as well.

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Thanks for the information.

Yeah, I have a pair of Saint Laurent high tops in white so I would hate to see those get ruined. I guess it's not worth the risk but it would be ideal to wear them both at the same time. I heard a story of white leather seats in a Bentley getting stained because of the denim which is why I brought it up. Do you just have to be super careful when you wear them? As much as I liked them when I tried them on in the store, it seems very limited.

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A few years ago, I bought a pair of black Dior hightops that were white on the inside.  When I got home I tried them on with my black raws, for maybe two minutes, and the inside of the shoes got stained.  (I ended up returning the shoes.)  So yeah, I wouldn't wear raws with white Saint Laurent high tops.  


I just wear my raws with cheap black sneakers like Converse, and black t-shirts, and I try not to sit on white sofas and stuff.  


I soaked my indigo raws, and never soaked my black raws.  They seem to bleed equally.  I don't know what the answer is.

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When you soaked your indigo ones, how much did it effect both the waist and length measurements?

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To be honest, I don't really remember; I've had them for 5 years.  I think they tightened up a little around the waist, but then they stretched out a lot from wearing them.  I'm sure someone else here can tell you exactly what the soaking does to the measurements.  

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I just want to add there were also some morroco releases and some silver or red selvedge...
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