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Opinions on Thavar 814A

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it's nice, every day wash, which can be worn also dressed up, because no stains, no tears, no holes... I like them.

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I agree. wash very nice, but diesel makes too many simple washes.

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yah looks like a pair of well worn in jeans, but after watching the video it looks like its very thin 8oz denim like most current seasons; which in my opinion is too thin to sport this wash properly.  but if the denim is thicker then I think this is great

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No, they are as thick as 8B9. I have both and I like the 814A a lot. It is a decent looking pair of jeans that I have worn in the office a couple of times lately. Couldn't do that with a more distressed pair.

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The wash is just another forgettable face in the crowd.

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Thanks for all your feedback.

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