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What colognes/perfumes do you own?

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Hey, guys, enough jeans and denim, we are talking scents here. Just wondering what colognes/perfumes do you Diesel Denim Lovers own?

I personally like more projecting and long lasting colognes.

And I own: (as of now)


Diesel Only The Brave

Carolina Herrera CHIC

Versace Eros

Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto

Chanel Allure Homme Sport Extreme

Dsquared Wood Rocky Mountain

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Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male

Jean Paul Gaultier Gaultier²

YSL l'Homme

Joop Homme Wild

Boss Orange

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Spicebomb by viktor and Rolf(the one I use most)
Only the brave by diesel
Platinum Chanel.
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lots of :-)))

acqua di gio - giorgio armani

hugo - hugo boss

higher energy - christian dior

fahrenheit - christian dior

lacoste green (or something) - lacoste

sports man - united colors of benetton

some name - salvatore ferragamo

pour homme - d&g

echo - davidoff

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i used to be obsessed w/ cologne like i was w/ diesel denim and had 12 bottles at any given time. i find that if i keep a bottle more then a couple of years the scent changes (either really or in my mind not sure) so now i only keep it to two bottles at any given time. right now i have givenchy play & dolce gabana le bateleur.

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Diesel Only the brave iron man limited edition

Diesel Only the brace captain america limited edition

Hugo Boss Bottled 2x

Prada Milano

Burberry Brit 2x

Jean Pail Gautier Le male

Armani Diamond

and some others

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Fuel For Life by Diesel

Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf

Dior Homme Intense

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Originally Posted by EnsDenim View Post

Fuel For Life by Diesel

Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf

Dior Homme Intense


Especially Dior Homme Intense is really nice they are on my list.

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Azzaro Chrome

Kenzo Pour Homme

Carolina Herrera 212

Thierry Mugler Angel Men

and of course Issey Miyake l'eau d'issey Pour Homme :)

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Polo Sport- old school
Dolce and gabanna sport
Gucci Guilty
Kennith cole Reaction
Versace pour homme
P. diddy unforgiven
YSL L' homme
Diesel only the brave
Calvin Klien Euphoria
Giorgio Di aqua
Chanel Allure sport
Chanel Allure extreme sport
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Comme des Garcons - Wondewood

Comme des Garcons - Amazing Green

Marc Jacobs - Bang

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These are my favorite colognes that I own. I'm really big into fragrances as u can see haha.
Armani diamonds summer edition(favorite)
*Ysl libre tonic*
Ysl lhomme
Ysl frozen cologne
*Dior homme sport*
Versace fraiche
Burberry summer
Diesel fuel for life denim edition & summer edition
Gucci guilty

Ysl lhomme
Ysl libre
*Gucci made to measure*(current favorite)
Gucci by gucci
*Armani diamonds*
Gucci guilty intense
Spice bomb
Ysl la nuit & parfum version
*Dior homme* & intense
1 million
Diesel only the brave tattoo
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Best perfume I ever owned is Tom Ford Noir. Really recommended.
I always liked A&F Fierce before it became highly common, diesel denim edition scent really reminds me it so Ive started to use it.
Of curse hugo boss.
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Cool Topic icon_smile.gif


Spice bomb by viktor & rolf

D & G The One

Roca wear 9IX

Hugo Boss Aqua elements

Hugo by Hugo Boss

Diesel Only the brave

Banana republic wildblue

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Diesel only the brave

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as i can see we turn out to be not only Diesel lovers but also fragrance lovers as well.

And as it turns out a lot of us own a bottle of Diesel's most loved fragrance - Only the Brave.

Great to see that you like the topic, denim addict! Thanks! 

I thought it would be a getaway from the everyday Diesel topics :)

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Originally Posted by straychev View Post

I thought it would be a getaway from the everyday Diesel topics :)

I agree

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I still have bottles of the original yellow Diesel cologne. That was my favorite. Actually it got me into the brand before I had any Diesel jeans.
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I went shopping for a fall/winter perfume and got the Dior Homme Intense from Douglas.

I also got a face wash from Shiseido, and they gave me some Shiseido samples. DUDE! The Shiseido Zen White Heat is amazing! That cologne is amazing!!! Im not even kidding. This is going to be my next cologne i own!!

So you see what I got on the left (The perfume and the facewash) and the samples they gave me on the right :)

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great buy

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@straychev  how would you descrive Dior Intense? is it TOO intense or just right? 

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it really is intense but not that bad. I mean, the person wearing it doesn't get sick of it if he sprays more than 3 times. But still is an intense perfume. I would advice to not spray more than 3 times and use it occasionally for nights out/cubbing/dates. Because it is not a regular every day cologne. :)

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i see. thanks!  

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chanel edition blanche since 4 years

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118i, this is one my most favorite colognes of all times. I've promised myself that this is going to be the one I use on my wedding day. Although im not engaged or i dont even make plans for that. I feel like this cologne is made for a very special occasions. So yeah :)

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