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ID these please

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i need help id'ing what I'm sure are diesels. here's how they fit.


the reason I want a pair is because I have this same shirt and none of my blacks match it. it's not jet black, it's like a greyish black. sorta like a charcoal wash.


any help is appreciated, thanks.
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bump. le' sigh.
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it looks like Thanaz 8LP

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Yes. like thanaz

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close, the wash is a bit too bright though.
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or Thanaz 8DK 

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it's not 8DK

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they're weird. in different lighting, they can look either jet black or charcoal.
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Maybe Thanaz 17f

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I suspect you know the answer. How do you even sure they are diesel anyway?

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Maybe Shioner 8X6?

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No, it's definitely thanaz

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I say get this and don't look back.

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Originally Posted by Sloan View Post

I suspect you know the answer. How do you even sure they are diesel anyway?

no, that's why I came here to ask. I'm pretty sure by the coin pocket.

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yeah, I think I'm gonna give up because I don't think I'll find the exact ones. I'll just look for something similar. thanks everyone.
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if anyone was curious as to what they were, I just decided to ask him myself and this was his response.

"hahaha. they are just black. they are a discontinued version of the thanaz, but i have enough pairs to last me for a little while. i usually wear the same 2 pairs of pants for 4-5 years and i only wash them once a year if that. gross, i know. ive just never had more than 1 or 2 pairs of pants and washing them makes them fall apart. they started out 100% black but have faded to whatever shade they are now. i guess they are grey? cant believe i just typed this all out."
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ahah. I think just get thanaz

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yeah I think I will. but there were some jet black thavars at the diesel store I went to the other day. do you think those could fade to that shade too if I can't find a thanaz in that wash?
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as thanaz fan, I would say get thanaz. but of course you can get thavar and it will not be wrong.

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it's just that thanaz is so hard to find for me. my diesel store only has two different thanaz and they are horrid. seems like eBay is the only place to get 'em, and even they have a little selection. I live in Canada, btw. I've tried thavars before and I've quite liked them. maybe I'll just go with some black thavars if I can't find them.
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Ebay has a larger selection thanaz in different washes. Very much. you can choose what you want. I also recommend you marketplace on the blog

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Just another question, if I fit 32 in thavar I'm guessing I'd fit the same in thanaz right? or would I have to size down or up one for thanaz?
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same size

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yes same size.

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8IE ? or 89S

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