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Recommend me some Diesels

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I bought my first pair of Diesel's recently (Thavar 806U for $120) and I really like the clean and crisp dark look. They are great for the office and are are fairly slim but not skin tight (skin tight jeans make my already skinny legs look even skinnier). I want some recommendations on colors. Only shades of blue jeans are preferred so no khaki or black. Also, prefer darker shades. Other than Thavar, I'm willing to consider the Shioner and Thanaz since they seem to fit fairly similar. I'm defintely on the outlook for a blue-green shade of jeans at the moment. Other than Diesel, my favorite higher-end jeans at the moment are Nudies so hope that helps. Recenty got these for $170 actually. http://www.cultizm.com/product_info.php?info=p3680_Nudie-Jeans-Grim-Tim-Org--Wornin-Pepper.html
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they're good. I became a fan of Nudie lately, because diesel began to make trash

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