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Help us improve DenimBlog!

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I put together a couple of quick mock-ups for how, I feel, the new DenimBlog layout should be. I see it as going more minimal with some new features that help readers navigate through the site easier. See my ideas on how we can improve the site below. What are your thoughts? Feel free to give your input



Both ideas have the same features with the exception of the layouts and color choices


Ideas on How They'll Work:


1. One new feature I have thought about was to have endless scrolling. So no more having to deal with clicking to go to the next page.

2. Another feature is to have the menu bar become static (stays in it's position).

   Top: As you scroll down the menu will move to the top and lock to allow you easy access without having to scroll back up

   Bottom: Similar concept with the addition of the DenimBlog logo at the center

3. The gallery is also something I thought is in need of an update. I am seeing the new one easier to scroll through like a a digital photo album without sending you to a new page

4. Some ideas for the tabs

   i. For 'Top Celebs', I am thinking as you hover over the tab a menu drops with photos of the 'Top 5' celebs that we blogged about the past month and when clicked, it leads you to a page with a list of all the celebrities' names to help you search browse through all the post of your favorite celeb easier

   ii. My concept for the 'Top Brands' is similar to the idea of the 'Top Celebs.' Images of the logos of the 'Top 5' brands of the past month and when clicked a list of all the brands that we have blogged about...

   iii. For the other categories, a list of the most recent posts will drop with their main images included to help you choose which post interests you as you hover over them

5. Also wanted to bring the number of ads down and feature them at the top and bottom of the page as well as (maybe) in between every few articles so you readers don't lose focus and feel distracted

6. For what has moved is the sponsored section. Instead of on top of the page, I thought it'll be better placed and fluid in the second column on the right next to the social media icons and featured posts



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I agree on infinite scroll, it's really useful as when someone gets to the bottom of the page it auto loads the new page regardless if they read it or not, so it counts as a page view. However with infinite scroll the minimum posts per page is 7, unless a programmer could change that, but it's definitely a good idea. Something clean like the mock ups is definitely in need, minimal and fresh. The sites that seem to do well are the ones that are easy to use, clean and neat, so the content is the main focal point of the website.

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Jonathan, this is awesome!  Really love the feedback!


So the new navigation idea that you have in mind is 



Top Brands  |  Top Celebs  |  Celebs in Jeans  |  Denim Reviews  |  Interviews  |  Lookbooks  |  Denim DIY

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Related:  I got this great feedback from a web professional that I really look up too:


Took some time over lunch today to check out Denim Blog, and not surprisingly, you are doing a pretty good job with the content.
Beyond the need for a number of SEO changes, I think one of your greatest barriers to growth is the design.
If I can be completely honest, the design doesn't mesh well with the content, it doesn't get me excited, and it doesnt instill trust that you a a major brand review site worthy of my time, clicks, and email address.
::a bit harsh:: but I'm a straight-shooter, especially when it comes to design for ideas that really have potential.




I agree with him.  There are a number of things we can do to improve the site.  Would love to prioritize some of this work!

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Exciting stuff here! A fresh new layout would be awesome. Also some sort refining tool for the marketplace. Oh and maybe a denimblog app? And maybe a way to be able to post larger photos in the mobile format?
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Love the clean layout! I also think fixing/improving the search feature would be great.
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