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Thavar 814F

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I was wondering if anyone else has been able to check out the Thavar 814F and what they thought about them? I checked out at my store and it's the first time I've seen Diesel Jeans as a Limited Edition. I have pictures if anyone is interested in seeing them, just didn't know if anyone else had seen them and their thoughts?

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What do you mean by limited edition?
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On the inside of the jeans it says "Limited Edition" Never seen that before. I will post pictures up tomorrow

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They have released jeans with Limited Edition label inside before like Thavar 809N, 807J, Shioner 807F!

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Oh! I didn't know that! It would explain the higher price point. I really really do dig the wash, definitely going back to get them! I wonder how many they actually produce since it's limited edition.

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would be interest to see what is this wash!

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I did my best to get natural sunlight so you can see it best. Hopefully these do it justice! 

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Very cool. 👍
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I'm not a fan, but beautiful wash

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those r fuckin cool

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Yes, very nice! 

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Can't say I fancy those bronze colored bands on the sides though. Looks really weird to me.

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Interesting wash.. Have to see them irl..
Denim looks thin though.. But it's really an eye catcher!
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to me its very fashion run way.. looks great w/ some really funky styles of clothes... but not your average everyday jean tho.. I guess thus its limited edition for limited wear.

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I will take some pics of them on. The wash is really cool and funky is a good way of putting it. I had a lot of compliments when I wore them. Living in LA definitely makes it easier to wear more unique stuff without getting the crazy eyes..haha but it will definitely be limited wear.

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Need some fit pics to see the
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got to try on these jeans today at local high end retailer.. its actually pretty nice.. thin denim and looks like have some gold glitters and herribone pattern but not as obvious as 887D.  here's some fit pix from fitting room.


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DС, they look cool

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DC the denim shirt and the drivers make the jeans look nicer icon_cool.gif

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beautiful wash~

wonderful show~

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oh wow nice
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Very nice DC! Thank you:)
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super cool!

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Thanks DC. Good to see the side is not an eye sore
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only for the brave :-)

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