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Diesel low rise jeans!

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Hi! i am looking for diesel low rise jeans,i have a pair of viker and i like the fit! also replay jennon fit me very-very well, I'm wondering what you guys think about Safado fit? 

I don't wear very skinny jeans(thavar,thanaz) ,but i have a pair of rombee...


Thanks!(my english is weak)

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Safado is a great style, if u dont like your  jeans skinny. They are silm straight sits nice on the waist and they dont look very baggy as larkee or viker in my experience . i have mutiple pairs of safado's and i love them .

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I too love the cut of Safado, one of my favorites:)

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I've just one pair of Safado. But it's a size bigger and has a very thin denim. So I don't wear it very often.

I think it's not the best cut for a thin denim but it could be interesting with a thick one.

Also it provide a lot of space on the ankles (almost like a bootcut), so it's one of the few jeans I still wear with low sneakers.

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If you don't like your jeans too skinny - try darron or the new cut "belther".

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With Darron though the waist is not a low rise like Safado, Thavar etc. I have yet to try on the Belther cut so I don't know about that one...
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