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need help deciding!

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Sorry, this has nothing to do with Diesel but I'm turning 30 in August so I wanted to buy something special for myself.  I originally wanted to get a pair of balenciaga or ysl sneakers cause I've never owned a pair of designer shoes before. Oh the other had I've always wanted a pair of Balmain "khaki" biker jeans however I'd never pay full price on a pair. Anyway, these particular pair of Balmain's are on sale right now for $700 which is my budget. Should I just jump on them or get some sneakers?

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Get the jeans.

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$700 is a lot of money...
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I would choose the jeans!

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Get Balmain, over the last year I owned 4 pairs, skinny biker are the best specially if they are waxed ones. They run huge in the waist tho
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