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Diesel belt size

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Hey guys I'm looking to buy a Diesel belt online but I'm not sure about how belt sizes work. If I wear a w30 what belt size should I get? Should I get a 30 or a 32?



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you should get 90cm, or 36 inches.

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No 85 since leather stretches
I am 27 W and i take 80
For 30 take 85
By the way i m selling diesel belts made in italy in the forum and on ebay user's name is fontauroi
Along with moncler jackets and diesel thanazs icon_smile.gif))
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My belts are 85 icon_wink.gif))
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I'm W30 and i take 90 !!

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I have 29 and my belts are 85. That's long enough IMO. I don't want my belts to go through the 2nd loop of my jeans. When closing my belt, I have like 10cm - 15cm spare.

When you have size 30 I'd advice to take 85 or 90. Depending on the way you like them to fit. Def. not longer.
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thanks for the replies!
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