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to those who have bought the 816K...can you tell me what colour is the stitching? is it like.... mint? tyrquoise? im gonna get it soon and i want to buy a tshirt that matches the stitching (very cool combo IMO) 

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Inside stitching is turquiose, outside light brown.
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ok thanks! im guessing that even though its the inner stitching thats turquoise, the jeans would look awesome with a tshirt of that colour. or maybe mint which is like faded turquoise

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They would definitely look nice with cuffed jeans and wouldn't be in your face kind of match but a subtle one.

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just got mine today, will post fit pics soon.  I am glad i sized up, they are not as thick as 888p, but the thigh seems much slimmer than 888p.

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all you guys who have sized up are making it difficult for me to decide haha my thavar 888p which is one size up is kinda loose everywhere...but i got it already used so im not sure what to do... :/ 

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I took a gamble by sizing up on the 75G wash that I just bought. I usually do a 30x30 in Thavar and went with a 31x30 in the 75G. I do need a belt with it but, like Phukette says, fits like a BOSS! So because of that fit and the look of it, I'm going to size up in this wash as well...
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hmmm.... i havent had the chance to go at my local Diesel store to check them out. i really should before buying them! and i guess it all comes down to personal preference of how someone likes his jeans to fit, if he has big thighs (like myself) and so on... washes like this one about which theres a lot of controversy on how they fit, should be tried on first IMO :P but im always too lazy to go see if the store has them >_> 

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Audit, if I had a local Diesel store I would be there weeklyicon_biggrin.gif I too have bigger thighs or quadsicon_lol.gif and they have thanked me for sizing up. The waist is a different story but I enjoy a great looking belt so it's all good...

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ahahaha fair enough! i just cant be bothered going to the Diesel store cause its in the center of Athens and its fucking hot right now :P i should go though. i almost never size up cause most diesel jeans tend to stretch a lot so if i size up i think theyll end up being too big. 

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i measured them against my 29x32 888p and the thigh of the 816 was about 2 cm smaller even though i sized up.  This could be from stretching but I've had my 888p for about 3 months and wore them 4 times so far....

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yeah i should definetely go try them on before buying them...

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I tried my regular size on this bad boy and it looks good and fits normal like my other thavars, but like I said before this design begs to be slim straight with nice boots, so I bought mine size up. Lets hope it doesn't stretch like 882b
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They look good, Fresh3! 

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hi guys, i have many available sizes for 816K thavar and am selling it far below retail. selling it for $239 + shipping.


PM me if interested. :)

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Hey guys, as I have the 816K and it's really hard for me to match them with about anything, so can you please help me out a little and help me find a t-shirt that will match them(or at least the color)
I stopped at this one, as I think that It will be fine, what do you guys think?



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yup that t-shirt would be fine. try tshirts that are brown, white or cream with brown details, white with deep blue details..or if  you roll the jeans up once you could try a mint coloured tshirt. scotch & soda should have a few of this colour. 

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