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Ugh real STD? Or Fake 7FAMK

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I bought a pair of 7FAMK jeans off eBay. I own a few pair of authentic 7's. When I've gotten fakes I've been able to spot it and return, but these I'm not sure about. Usually the denim texture tips me off, then the god awful chemical smell. But I've never owned A pocket styles and I'm just not sure. I've never owned the STD styles either so maybe that's it?[IMG][IMG]
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I'm not sure why I can only post one pic at a time. But see how the last tag doesn't have jaggedly sewn edges?

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I don't know if I've ever seen silver rivets.

No silver stripe through tag.

Odd A pocket. It looked different on the computer monitor I swear. There is no printing on the brown pocket. The pockets are brown and striped.
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