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Originally Posted by AIOR View Post

Yes because I bought the last W31L32 icon_wink.gif

This morning it was not available, i went this afternoon on the Kelly Jeans site and W31L32 appeared icon_wink.gif

Oh great news! Congratulations.

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I went with my normal size which is 30x30. Stacking is great with this size but I do prefer, dependent on wash, a 30x32...

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Drumedge, post pix!
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My pleasure, Lee:)

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Originally Posted by drumedge View Post

My pleasure, Lee:)

you geab a nice pair - love the fade

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Thank you Niron! Thankfully, I purchased these during the 30% off sale. A must buy, in my opinion... 

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man what a great buy.. I tried them on at Seattle and San Fran and i love them.. but I can't afford full price right now.. god dammit.. the orange rust doesn't show well in photos but in person they are epic.

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yeah very cool. cant wait to receive mine in a couple of weeks! 

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Love the colour and the fit drumedge! 10/10

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Drumedge very nice. I have been looking for a pair for a long time hope they release in australia soon . as lee said 10/10 congrats :)

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Thank you guys! Like I've said before here, this wash and in this cut has been one of my best purchases this year! 

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I agree. Beautiful pair, I bought two!

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nice fit!!!

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Thank you zdenal:) Btw, I didn't use baltimore's trick with this wash, I didn't need to. I tried the method on my 8x2 and 8ne with great success! 

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Originally Posted by drumedge View Post

Mine were tight in the thighs at first but after a few wears, became a lot more roomier. I have also tried what has been recommended by baltimore; if too tight, get them wet and work them in. He actually said to go for a bike ride:clap2: but I decided to do some squats in my living room:banana: It works like a charm! Thank you baltimore:) 

Heheh you're welcome bro icon_smile.gif
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Originally Posted by Aramis View Post

size down for this wash. I got my usual size, and made ​​a mistake.

:( oh boy, why didn't I read this beforehand? :| fingers crossed

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