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Is your taste for jeans evolving?

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I used to love jeans which looked old, dirty, rusty, not long ago. The most distressed models from Diesel and PRPS.


One example could be my Larkee 882R:



This is another PRPS pair I had:



But lately I've been shifting towards less faded models. Think something like this RRL:



For example, I was looking for a grey pair of jeans and although everyone seems to love 8x9, this is not appealing to me anymore:



And I grabbed a pair of 887Q, which for some here might look bland:



Actually I'm going to sell my pair of 801n because I've never worn it (it still has the tags), it's too much for me right now.


Am I getting old?

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Heheh yes
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Originally Posted by baltimore View Post

Heheh yes



801n is my fav diesel wash currently.

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Seems like I'm getting old too, LOL. But I still aim for a varied mix of distressed and clean pairs. After all, age is nothing but a number!

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Yeah.. Talking about getting old..

I started with G-star Elwood. Then came my Zaf and Zathan period. I recently noticed I had a lot of the washes that are now labelled 'classic' and are worth some. I just trew them away like carbage..
After a couple of years I had the Elwood with 96 on them and the Radar Narrow. Damn, those were tapered at that time. Started to get used to them. Wore my jeans baggy as well like the Diesel Cardiel.

After that period I started to wear We are Replay, more straight cuts. But when I bought my first Thavar, 8b9, everything changed..

Nowadays I notice I prefer to wear jeans without holes and stuff. That's because of my job.. I have to get a hold on myself when I see the new distressed washes, cause I know I'll barely wear them. That's why I sold my 74k and 74y. I really like them, but don't wear them at all.

Recently, I sized down from 29 to 28 and these seem to fit well. I still like to wear my jeans a bit sagged. That's why I like the Thavar cut. I like washes as 807c, 801c and 801a. Those jeans are far from boring, but still wearable at work.

One last thing: you'll never catch me wearing jeans which are not Diesel's.

/long story
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great topic.  I've started wearing diesel jeans about 15 years.  my very 1st pair were called Ravi or Ravix.  In the past, I've had the original fanker, zathan, zaf, larkee, slammer, viker, heeven, keever, safado, to now only thanaz, thavar, and shioner.  many different washes, mostly faded and distressed.  In recent years, I have now been noticing myself appreciating more plain and toned down washes.  in fact, I've been trying raw denim lately like apc.  with all that said, I am still absolutely attracted to great faded washes like 8x2, 888p, and 811p etc.

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Definitely a great topic. As a youth I believe I always wore Levis. Eventually I came out of my 501 existence, and looking back.... well it is hard to understand why I was so bitten by the Levis style. It was the times I guess. I had only one pair of old Diesels that was tight fitting and faded. Somewhat daring I suppose compared to my usual style. I never forgot how much I liked them. 


For a period after that I wore We are Replay, G-Star and also Pepe jeans. One day I remember I discovered a cool pair of vikers in an Amsterdam shop. It was a turning point. From then on I started to wear Diesel jeans almost daily, mostly wearing viker, safado, larkee, even zatiny, distressed or plain. Later I started buying darrons, and I still like that cut. My absolute favorite wash was 8B9. I had it in viker and safado, now in thavar. 


It was only when I recently discovered this forum that I moved to slimmer cuts, and now I have migrated to thanaz, thavar and shioner. A couple of tepphars too. I have a mix of plain and distressed washes. Only rarely do I wear jeans in the office, but when I do I go for rather plain washes. The distressed ones I rock on my spare time. Having become a virtual diesel addict, I have of course added too many pairs lately, so I need to slow down. Got a pair of Tepphar 804K today though :) - last one for a while!

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When I was in university, I paid little attention to outfits. I started wearing jeans Mustang, Lee, Rifle. But after I saw thanaz my life has changed!))

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In high school I was all about American Eagle and Old Navy, mostly for price and style. Once I was working at Abercrombie and Hollister I wore their stuff. (Encinitas Low Rise and Ezra Fitch jeans were pretty amazing)
Then I went to Lucky and Levis, which I still have a coupe pairs for work around the house etc.
Now I only wear Diesel's and since I'm 29 it'll be the brand I stick with icon_cool.gif
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I really liked reading everyone's stories on here this was such a cool idea. For me I started wearing horrible pipe jeans in high school, like super baggy ones with giant leg openings because I was obsessed with my jeans fitting over my shoes. Later that evolved to destroyed boot cut and flare jeans (I kinda had a bell bottom 70's thing going for awhile), until, like Aramis you see that one cut that changes everything, the Zathan 772 (which I still have! it's so torn up now though). So I had a ton of zathan/zatiny's until I got into thanaz and raw denim, got into low yoked jeans like Nudies, G star and the Belther cut. Currently I am rocking some APC petit standards and thanaz's when I get sick of wearing raws all day! Crazy to see the changes as we get older! I think I have been on this forum for like 7 years now? Though now it has become more positive and upbeat that it used to be, which is great.

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Distressed jeans and clothing were out in casual wear in mainstream fashion for the past few years, knowing fashion it will probably return in 1-5 years.
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