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Originally Posted by pryv75 View Post

I am bored with blue jeans ( except great washes like 8x2) that's the reason why i love grey/brown/ black/ yellow colors. Thanks to diesel they are releasing more and more each season; they fit other clothes nicely especially when you want to have a cool vintaged look.


I agree w/ you.. that's why I'm actually thinking of Belther 816B and maybe get a pair of Thavar 801D in Salmon color... love the dirtyness of 801D and pink?? hahaha only the brave!

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Originally Posted by m3linj View Post

Wunderful Diesel Jeans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!! Need this !!
My next Diesel jeans lOl Have to earn moneyyy !!!! Difficult when we are student lOl 290€...... icon_sad.gif xD

Baltimore you'r a boss icon_wink.gif

Hehehe, yeah but 290 Euro is really a crazy ass price I must say.
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Originally Posted by Aramis View Post

Wash nothing special. too yellow and for big money.

So is plain grey shioner from this season, they are same price actually. its what they call extreme conditioning during wash makes them. they are soft and comfy to wear. but to be honest, diesel is starting to take a piss with pricing for their denim :(

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Finally get to see this wash in person in stores... Its exactly what the forums indicate.  Its pretty cool but I just wished its a bit thicker material.. but that's just me.

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Yes tepphars always thinner than other cuts because of stretching i suppose along with the skinny cut itself... Rather weird for a winter collection. But in the other hand diesel sell thick denim jeans in summer...
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