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Raw Denim

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What is that ?

: )

I watched a few of the awesome DIY videos in the blog section and I especially liked this one.

I got some ideas which I want to try out but I don't know how to choose a suitable pair of jeans.

I'm aware that not all black jeans will turn out to be deep blue underneath after I scrape them a bit with sandpaper.

And the guy from the video said "...how to distress a pair of raw jeans..."

So my question is what is raw denim and how do I distinguish it from non-raw denim LOL.

Cheers. : )

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raw denim is "unwashed" and could be indigo blue and black. i would say you should read this




do not open new thread regarding this, just try to search and read!

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This info was very useful. It helped me realize that I do in fact own a pair of raw denim jeans.

Now that I got a grasp on the entire dry denim thing I can see my question from your perspective but when I wanna learn something I just ask : )

Thanks zdenal.

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