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Contacting Seven directly

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Hello, from reading all of these posts it's obvious that there are some who are quite knowledgeable on the subjects are hand. And in situations where it's nearly impossible to answer one way or the other without giving an (educated) opinion, I thought it might be handy to contact the source.

Now, being new to this forum, I may just be stating the blatantly obvious, forgive me if this is a dead horse. I've tried finding a website for seven, no luck. Haven't tried looking for a phone number, and don't know if they'd blow me off. Perhaps they have some department that looks for fakes, or who can say whether a serial, etc. is authentic. Is this the only forum? Or is there a list somewhere of true numbers and washes, etc?

Or am I just thinking too much while barking up the very wrong tree??? Heh! Find a number and I'll volunteer to ring them.

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I've talked to them before and there IS a surefire way to tell if your Sevens are authentic or not, but you have to have them in hand.

On the back of the smaller tag on the jeans, there is a tiny metal strip. That strip has microscopic writing on it. Use a strong magnifying glass and plenty of light and you can see the writing on it.

Fake jeans do not have that writing, or sometimes even the strip.
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Contacts for 7 for all mankind are as follows:

New York Showroom:
Jennifer Highman (jhighman@7forallmankind.com)
(212) 764-3745

LA Showroom:

Carol Scalisi-Beranek (carol@7forallmankind.com)
(213) 622-1043

Not sure if the emails are working as I tried them before. I contacted the LA Office for questions on authenticity and the lady who answered in their sales dept was less than helpful and RUDE!!!

She basically said If I wanted real 7 jeans, why didn't I buy them from a dept store as opposed to online. I asked her details on what to look for and all she said was she could only tell by looking at the jeans. When I told them that www.urbanweardirect.com was selling fakes on their website they said nothing more than ALOT of people are selling fakes and they don't have the time or patience to procecute those who are selling fakes as it takes too much time and money. If you want real jeans, buy them from a reputable dept store. Basically the lady was nothing more than a rude B*$#%!!! I wouldn't look for much help when calling the companies direct for questions on authenticity. Maybe you should contact the NY office. Maybe they are much nicer than the one's in LA.
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You have to realize that helping you spot fakes doesn't really help them sell more jeans. You are looking to buy Sevens outside their normal distribution channel. What is their incentive to teach you how to do this? For all they know, you might be a counterfeiter who is looking for tips on what not to do when making these jeans.

The only way you MIGHT get cooperation out of a trademark holder is if you send them a sample and request confirmation of it's authenticity. At least then they can give you a simple yes or no instead of a lengthy explanation of what makes an authentic piece.
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Thanks for the response. The bit about them not wanting to help, etc. makes a whole bunch of sense, and I really don't expect them to jump to help. My one objective right now is to find an actual pair of A pocket 7s somewhere, retailer, 7 site, past style, etc. For now the only visual I have is Ebay. If it weren't for the knowledge of members here, I would have bailed already. Right now it's 90% sure that I'll respond to the seller with my feelings and say I want solid proof. Hopefully they'll be agreeable since there's a return policy and can avoid negative feedback. If not, so be it, I'll finally have a red flag.

Again, thanks to all. It's interesting hearing others take. One thing, I know some friends in the NYC fashion industry (low level of course!) who may offer some tips. They owe me since I missed wholesale prices for Paper Denim last fall!

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I offered to send them a pair of the fake ones and they told me not to. They weren't interested. Anyway, if your interested in some 7 crystal jeans, I have some on ebay right now for sale. Sizes 27-30.
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For all they know, you might be a counterfeiter who is looking for tips on what not to do when making these jeans.
This is an interesting point. I think about it frequently as we add more information to www.HonestWiki.com.

However there seems to be so many fakes in distribution that pointing out the differences seems to be more benificial than negative.

Whats your take?
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In my opinion if I owned a large company such as 7, I would inform buyers what to look for in authentic jeans. Look at the scams where people are returning FAKE jeans to the dept stores and reselling them to unsuspecting buyers. And they ask why I didn't purchase them in a dept store. Don't you think these companies would RATHER people purchase authentic items than cheap fakes?? I purchase mine from a person who owns a store in New York so I am still paying high dollar for them, but not retail. The mark up on clothing is unbelieveable these days!! If they think it costs too much money and time to procecute those who are selling thousands of their jeans (fakes), then they seem not to care how much money they are losing. Look at Tiffany & Co for example. They sued Ebay and set an example. These companies make millions a year. Maybe if they educated their buyers on the authenticity of their products, maybe people would be more educated and less likely to purchase the fakes. That's my opinion anyway.
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