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Fat jeans skinny jeans

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If you lose or gain weight, what do you do to those jeans that no longer fit? Dispose them or store them in case you gain/ loose the weight back?
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I would say keep the the classic pieces, such as the darker/medium washes, if your weight constantly fluctuates. I once had a ton of jeans that I donated once gaining weight and regretting it after getting back to my regular size. But if you are for sure knowing there will be no change in your body, I always say donate. There are many people that will appreciate the pieces just as much, if not more, of what you had.

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very happy to say i can still fit into my first pair of diesel's from 2001. i would keep them unless the style/wash is now out of fashion. in which case definitely donate. there are ton of people that cannot afford clothes and would love to have them. only toss if they're not wearable or you spilled like a can of paint on them or something.

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I agree with Jonathan's advice above. If you think your weight will change, keep the pieces that won't go out of style.

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