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Black jeans recomendation

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So, does anybody know of great black denim - and by black I mean pitch black, and not dark gray? It doesn't necessarily have to be diesel and can be pretty basic too.

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Levis 510s are great IMO. I have two pairs. They are available on in the Levis Store in store and online.







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Levislad: How is the size on those? How would you compare it to the Thavar?

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If you looking for basic plain black jeans, diesel sells online thavar-a tepphar-and tepphar 884K i have the three of them very comfy since they have elastin with cotton. The thavar is slimmer than other washes though.
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wow Levis looks super.

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The Levis are w30 l32 and come out like a w29 in Thavar
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G star black washes are the best, nudies have some good black washes to.

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