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i opened a US account on the diesel store so i could get a thavar 811p for me and have it delivered to a friend in Chicago but i used the wrong email (an email i have but havent used forever and therefore dont remember the pass) so i placed the order...then remembered that about my email so i changed it...i received the paypal invoice alright for 244$ but on my account page on the diesel store, my order number is nowhere to be found...i emailed them and this is what i got 

"We are sorry for the difficulties you experienced while placing your order.


Unfortunately your order was not registered by our systems and none of the information entered at checkout has been stored.


We apologize for the inconvenience and suggest that you retry placing your order.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.


Thank you,



Customer Care
Diesel Online Store"


are they fucking kidding me? any ideas of how to proceed? anyone? i sent them another email telling them i have received the invoice on my paypal account. 

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cant you reset the password for the old email address?

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that was the first thing i tried but unfortunately i used an email address that i practically never used. my bad, i know. the only thing i can think of is if my buddy doesnt receive the jeans in like 10 days or so, to ask for a refund on paypal. 

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I think this is a temporary problem. everything will be okay.

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i hope you are right Aramis. 

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