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What trends are you over?

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What are some trends that you are not a fan of this season?

Personally, I am not a huge fan of 90s styles: Mom jeans, Acid Wash, Doc Martins and super high waist Levi's cut offs (Basically Miley's entire outfit):

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Interesting topic! Where do I start, ok, dropped crotch, printed trousers, creepers, aztec prints, acid washes and gradual colour change jeans to name a few. I could come back to this as I can be a curmudgeonly old man. These young whipper snappers with there rock n roll pants and hi top sneakers!
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Totally agree with Jennifer, though I was lumping those trends in with the general 80s revival that's been going on (because what I remember most about 90s fashion was the very late stuff from 1997-99--most of that stuff works really well on my shape and I wish it would come back!)


-Oversized, cropped tops

-Garish neon colors (unless you're jogging late at night in a poorly-lit area...)

-Skinny jeans--they're the most effective way to make a somewhat curvy girl feel obese!

-Cropped trouser-type pants

-Pleated pants

-Peplums (the last time I wore one was at age 6, and you have to be built like an underfed 6-year-old to look good in one, or else be wearing it to hide your spare tire)

-Printed bottoms (see skinny jeans above)

-Gladiator shoes, even though they're not so much of a thing anymore

-"Shorts suits"--I don't see the point of this. If it's warm enough for shorts, isn't it too warm for a blazer? (I feel the same about sleeveless/short-sleeved sweaters)

-The whole emerald green trend that's starting up. My skin has enough of a green undertone, so when I wear the color, I look like I've eaten something that doesn't agree with me.

-WAYFARERS. They just look stupid.


Basically the only 80s-revival trends I kind of like are the return of fanny packs and crossbody bags--I like to keep my hands free.


1997-2004 was where it was at, silhouette-wise! :)

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I'm adding overalls to the list:

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Oh and suits with shorts. What the fuck like???
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There are more than 20°C outside, and I can still see people wearing a freakin' scarf... 

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My immediate thought: Uggs with skirts!

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Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post

I'm adding overalls to the list:

I haven't, fortunately, noticed many women wearing these around here (California)... Hopefully it stays that way. Ugh.

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