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Diesel's Flagship stores

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Question: How do you know What Diesel store is A Flagship store? The Diesels website doesnt separate the stores in anyway.


I assume that the "Flagship" stores has a bigger collection of items for sale, and the "non" flagship store has only a smaller amount of items for sale comparing to the "flagship store"? Right?





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If it says an outlet at the begining than its an outlet store, the same goes with flagship stores. The regular stores begin with Diesel at the begining.

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Flagship stores carry that districts entire collection. i.e. NYC 5th avenue store carries the US collection, covent garden and milan carry the European and Tokyo(I think) carries the Japanese collection, etc, etc.
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Yep, Phukette is right.


It may be also good to know that the website store and the actual stores do not carry the same collections too.


A flagship store will carry the entire 'store' collection for that region, but the website will still have a lot more as the stores do not buy everything in.

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