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Zathan vs Thanaz sizing?

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I would like to get pair of Thanaz but I'm unsure of the sizing. Most of my Zathans are 30x32, few exeptions that are 31x32. Should I get them in 30x32 or size down to 29x32, also how about the length? My 32" Zathans almost touch the floor without shoes, so if I keep 32 length with Thanaz would that be too long?


I would like to try pair of Thanaz since I have a lot of high shoes like Diesel Glamrock's and Exposure's, which I think would look better without bootcut.

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Hi, the Thanaz waist is typically cut a little bit larger for sagging. You could size down to a 29 for a waist fit that's more snug, but then again, much also depends on your legs. If they aren't skinny, the fit on them might be uncomfortable. A 32 length should be fine since you would stack the bottoms anyway. Just to be sure of the leg fit, it would be best if you could try on a pair in a store.

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