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Diesels on Yoox

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I'd value anyones input on what these three washes would be from Yoox?









Also, one thing that i find confusing is that Yoox lists a size for jeans -- for example 31 X 34.  But then they have the following line underneath it --  "The size indicated on the product label is 36 (Suit Size)."  Can someone please explain what this means?


thanks very much for your help!



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the size you see is the size you get . if you buy a 31x34 itll be a 31x34. i think the other number is the italian size or something. in italy pants etc are not measured in the same way. so dont worry

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thanks very much for the information. I appreciate it! Any idea what any of these washes might be?

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you have to ask in the other thread about diesel jeans on YOOX. copy paste the ones you are interested in and probably someone will identify them for you.

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ok. thank you.
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