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Hi, I was just wondering why this forum doesn't have any stickys (stickies?)?

Seems like there are quite a few useful megathreads here, but they often get pushed to the second page and below (not to mention that they are always moving up and down even within the first page, which is annoying), so why not sticky them?

Maybe we could make a list for what needs a sticky. Here are my suggestions:

What Diesel are you wearing today?


What's your latest purchase? (Pics required)


"The official find me these Diesel\\\'s Super-thread"

Diesel Fall/Winter 2013 FW13 (Suggestion here is that there's always a sticky for the next season preview as soon as any info/pictures become available)

There's also an old Diesel genuine vendors/stores thread that I just could not find, though it might be better if a mod created a new, update one, with intake from members. Also, there could be a new "official" (mod created) thread for explaining Diesel cuts.

What do you guys thinK?

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At the top of each community section our stickies are under the heading "Popular Forum Discussions" (it's a shaded blue box), so these will be different for each section of the forum but the ones listed above are for the Diesel section. You can also check out one Diesel Master List here: http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/90971/diesel-jeans-cut-master-list which is constantly being updated and revised by our members.

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Hadn't seen that yet. Might still be worth it to consider stickying more threads, like the ones I mentioned.

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Thanks for the feedback! We do have more threads stickied, including the What's Your Latest Purchase thread, in different sections of the forum. That one is in the Chat section of the forum.

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