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Shrink or Expand?

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I accidently bought my first pair of raw jeans today and after researching them a little i think i might keep them. my only concern is that, even though the waist fits well, the legs are a little baggy. I like relatively skinny jeans and even though the shape is obviously a skinny cut, it is a little baggy all around. I initially thought that was part of the soaking in a bathtub process and that they would shrink, but other places on the internet say to buy raw denim small as the bath will expand the fabric. What do you guys say, should I keep them hoping they shrink to my legs, or try to find a tighter pair?
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I don't think a bath would ever expand the denim, but wearing them for long periods without washing will. I would size down.

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I dont think you will be able to shrink them.If anything,they will stretch more when you wear them.My suggestion would be to size down/or try a different fit if the waist is already too tight!

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