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Tepphar 804k - Where to find it nowadays?

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Well, pretty much as in the title: where can Tepphar 804k be found nowadays? I'm looking for it in 34x34 or 34x32. Any help appreciated!

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I don`t know, but what I know is that you should use threads like




instead of opening a new one for every question ;-))

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Sorry, I tried finding the "ID these diesel" or something for the other thread I opened, but I guess I didn't look hard enough. This time it just didn't occur to me that there was a thread for this sort of question, but it won't happen again.

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haha no problem, just a tip. In the marketplace there is one pair in W29 I think

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I'm 6'2", that'd fit me only if I split myself in half =P

If I pick up 804k in safado, can I get to look somewhat like thavar by sizing down or is safado too loose for that?

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Why are you want to take it in safado if you prefer "thavar fit"?

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He wanted to buy my darron so thats means he's w32 , and hes probably afraid tepphar would be too much skinny to him, since it's pretty skinny cut, at least skinnier than thavar(which is less skinnier than thanaz and shioner IMO)
Size down on the 804k since its lyocell wash, DON'T take l34 if you find it in your size, it would be too long for you,
Safado is a real low waist cut , so it feels longer, my 801c were l34 and the inseam was 36" which looked crazy even for 6.3" like me.
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I'd get it in Thavar, but 804k doesn't come in that cut.

I recently picked up Shioner 886A in 34x34 and it turned out alright, but I'm guessing Tepphar is even skinnier usually. Besides, safado 804k is much easier to find.

Thanks for the heads up about the inseam!

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if someone still intersted on Tepphar 804k - I find them on this site:



My bad, they dont have my size(27.28).


Hope its help to you

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Shlomi - you may want to get a 27 since I have 28 like my usual and it runs quite large....

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is that website reliable? They claim to have 804k with a 34" inseam, and I thought these weren't made on that size
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This site is legit - some members here baught from it.

DC - I think that this wash with 27/30-32 is sold out.

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