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I have a pair of Thavar 880I on the way. I will post pics and provide details as soon as I can....

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how I wear them?

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no fit pics in internet, right?

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Levis, they're £160 or £190, I forget. I didn't buy it for 2 reasons: I have 8880m and even if they're not the same I don't see the point of having both pairs so I would rather sell 8880m first and then get them.

Also, they had w28 but all jeans stretch after a while and I fear they'll be to big then. But then again w27 is generally too tight so... I DON'T KNOW

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Guys, I am thinking of keeping this thavar 880i.  indoor and outdoor fit pic to show you guys the actual color of the wash.  denim feels thick as well.  its an MII wash and looks quite nice IRL.  what do you guys think?

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Hopefully I am buying a pair tomorrow!!!

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They look awesome. Keep.


I got mine today, but I am going to sell them on. I have 880I in Rombee already, they are very similar to 8880, and although they fit my waist as normal Thavar, the upper thigh is too tight, They will be in the mall if anyone is interested. BNWT, 30/30.

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@leftvapor - Thanks for your input,  i think i will keep it.  


@levislad - yep go pick them up, the denim actually feels more substantial than your typical spring/summer (lighter) denim washes IMO.  Let me know your thoughts once you get them.  

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I have the wash in Safado and the denim is really thick. They are my favourite Safados.

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Tried a 28w and they are too tight! Only one pair of w29 in the whole of London at Diesel in White City and my friend won't go over there! So that's it won't get them! Not on any UK website at all!
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Panic over! I have rang the Diesel Store, they have reserved them and are delivering!
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Panic over! I have rang the Diesel Store, they have reserved them and are delivering!
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I have them and sold my 8880m to a guy I met in London for £180 instead of 180 euros as we both forgot we weren't in France haha.

But I told him when I noticed the probleme but he didn't care so I actually have a turnover because I bought the 8880I for £150

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post pics guys! i have the 8880M but the 880I are kinda growing into me (and my wallet is making a run for it ahahah ) 

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It's a totally different wash! I don't know why people are saying it is too similar to 8880m!
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It is a different wash but if you have 8880m like I do then you just don't want to spend money on 880I, it's not worth having both pairs.

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I disagree. Both washes are completely different.
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very nice fit. 

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Originally Posted by SupraBoy View Post


very nice fit. 

@supraboy - thanks, I think its currently one of the nicer wash from Diesel's SS13 season.  Denim feels substantial.  I recommend it.  

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I really like those Thavar 880i. Perfect wash for the summer. Do they run small competing to other Thavars?
I really hope I will be able to find online (in the USA).
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I tried a 28w and they were a little tight. I have w29 in the post and I think they will be just like the 888p fit
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great, thanks for the info. Im actually between w32 and 33. Dunno If I should size down and go with 32. I really hope I will be able to find them online :]

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Originally Posted by Levislad View Post

I may have been dreaming but in House of Fraser in London today I saw Thavar 880I. I love my Safado 880I and thats why I noticed them. I didn't see the price as for some reason House of Fraser never put price labels on anything.


I have had a look on the website but they don't exist there and they are on none of the other websites either. Was I just dreaming?

Hi Levislad,

I tried Thavar 880i over the weekend and loved the wash.  The coloring is beautiful with nice contrast.  Unfortunately, I'm a 34 inch length and they don't make this jean in that length.  I have read your posts and see that you like lighter washes.  I  was hoping you could recommend a light wash similar to this one in Thavar that might come in 34 inch length.  I would greatly appreciate it.  One other option is I could try and buy the Safado 880i.   I'm curious if the 880i wash in Safado looks very similar to Thavar.  I appreciate your advice.




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Thavar 8880m is lighter than 880i but both washes are completely different. I have Safado 880i and Thavar 8880m. When my Thavar 880i arrive I will post pictures of the different washes to compare.


Diesel don't seem to do a wash similar to 880i at the moment in Thavar.

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@ Sanibeldude


They do make them in a 34 inch leg!???



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