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Thavar 880I

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I may have been dreaming but in House of Fraser in London today I saw Thavar 880I. I love my Safado 880I and thats why I noticed them. I didn't see the price as for some reason House of Fraser never put price labels on anything.


I have had a look on the website but they don't exist there and they are on none of the other websites either. Was I just dreaming?

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levislad, I might go and check them out if that's true, I'm looking for a nice pair like that.

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I want them!!!!

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Haha, we'll see who gets there first.

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You won't have my size anyway!

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Haha, but does it not look like a 8880m?

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No, its a different wash altogether. Its darker for a start with more contrast.

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In my opinion it's a nicer wash than 8880M. More natural looking. I'm sick now, if I'd known it existed I would've totally got it instead of the 8880M!
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I saw them last week at the store, the incredible wash.

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Originally Posted by Wilko Koning View Post

Got mine Diesel 880i from this website!



can you post a fit pics?

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Lee, do you fancy going to see if they still have our sizes?

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Yeah! Go and see if they have a w29 l32 and also find out the price!
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I`m with you phukette, much better than 8880m


go get it lee

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Hey Lee, I went to House of Frazer and saw the jeans.

Tried a w28 and looked nice but I have 8880m and need to sell them because they look alike.

They only have one w29 and it's the one hanging on the wall.

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8880m are lighter with subtle fading and they are made in italy.
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How much were they? There was no price label when I went.

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Yeah they do look like a more cleaner version of the 8880m.


I wonder how comfortable they are. The 8880m is pretty soft and comfortable.

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thavar 811p + thavar 880I = like 600$. icon_confused.gif

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What season they're from?

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Thavar 880i it's a poor version of 8880m.
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I wouldn't say it's a poor version of 8880m. It's a totally different wash.
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it is much better than 888m

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disregard those details, the color of 880I is more similar to 8pn, at least I think so. And anyone already got a pair? I've heard thavar 880i is made in Italy but without the italian flag. Is it true?

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