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Gstar nudie naked and famous

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Okay I know this is not about diesel but here is where the experts hangout so I'm gonna ask. What's your opinion of gstar, nudie and naked and famous? Gstar seems to have out there designs but the quality seems to be not so good. I only bought my first pair of nudie yesterday. From the website pictures their design seems dull but I guess the quality is good?rolleyes.gif
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You're going to get all sorts of replies but to mee nothing top Diesel in the way they fit people. I used to wear G star as a teeneager and after a year they would rip and stretch. Nudie I don't like them, too plain in my opinion but I know a few like them here.

Replay Jeans are cool and so are Scotch and Soda.

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Nudie I like. Have grim Tim myself and its heavy denim and stretchy. Heard horror stories about nudie being thin and ripping easily, but haven't had that problem, in fact my favorite diesel thavar 882r start to rip. :/. As for gstar, good denim, but sizing is all weird on me. Waist too tight, then it fits perfect on my legs, waist perfect, it's loose on my legs. As for naked and famous, they are good pair to own, but their cut of the jeans is little bit loose in general.

I own nudie, and naked, skinny guy fit and tried on gstar many times.
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I would say Nudie, not simple jeans. They have a very nice washes that have better quality than diesel.
I can not say anything about the G-Star, but I like these jeans. I see a very beautiful models on the streets.
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I agree with aramis. Nudie is very much underrated in terms of washes. The lab collection is very good and the quality is far superior to diesel.
I've dabbled in g-star over the years and my all time favourite pair is my Attacc Low. I've had them for years and love wearing them. I also have a pair of g-star white jeans which are excellent.
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Since I barely find any Diesel washes that I like at the moment I am thinking of trying out other brands as well.

I think my next pair will be a Scotch & Soda jeans. I really like their clothes but never have tried one of their denims.


Btw, looks like they were inspired by the 8X2 wash here... ;-)


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They copied the 880w wash too icon_biggrin.gif
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Yes alot of their washes look like diesel jeans, sometimes I see them on the streets, my first thought is that guy must be wearing diesel, then when I look better it's Scotch & Soda. Well, their stores are next to each other in Amsterdam, so it's easy for Scotch & Soda to copy Diesel icon_razz.gif

Btw what about this:

That's EXACTLY 8x2......
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Hahaha true Baltimore
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Originally Posted by karacho View Post

They copied the 880w wash too icon_biggrin.gif


Do you have a link to the 880W version by Scotch & Soda?

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Originally Posted by baltimore View Post

By the way, Edwin jeans have a very good quality. And I really like some of their jeans.

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Naked and Famous is a cheaper alternative if you like to get into Japanese selvage denim... the Skinny guy fits alright.. but nothing quite special when you try them on.  However like all raw denim's w/ wear they are suppose to fit more like a glove.


I've been trying to destroy my Nudie thin finn raw organic jeans, still fading very slowly.  Be sure to size down, although they will be very uncomfortable in the beginning, they will loosen up nicely.  I want a pair of nudie trashed jeans but still not there yet.


I would also consider Japan Blue selvage jeans too, they are also very nice.


Having tried on many brands of jeans, I still think Diesel fits me the best.  I continue to come back and love their fit, and wash.


edit: would love one day get to move up to Dior Homme jeans tho... but just not sure if I'm tall enough for them.

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Naked and famous is probably the best "bang-for-the-buck" raw denim you can get out there. They do have some pretty crazy washes, but for the most part their denim is simple in terms of "finishing" - i.e. not a lot detail, no pre-distressing, etc...

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