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Authenticity Check Please

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Hi y'all.  I'm a new member here.


I purchased these gently used jeans online and can return them if they are fake.  I've got a BAD feeling about them.  They feel different than any other jeans - they don't even feel like denim.  They look different too, in my opinion. But, I usually wear Roxanne and these are Gwenevere (supposedly).


What do you think?  I added an album here with pics:

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The link doesn't work. However, "not feeling like denim" is far from a plausible reason to think they may be fake. Many of the newer styles, especially in the skinny/Gwen styles, are being made out of more legging-like fabric in order to provide a closer fit. I'm not saying that they couldn't possibly be fake, but since all the denim companies use such a variety of fabrics in their newer offerings, trying to rely on that will just get you more and more confused. Could you repost a link to the listing or just upload the pics directly into your post? Good luck!

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Thanks so much for responding.  Let's see if these work better:












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Real. They are "straight to discount," meaning that they were made in Mexico and calculated to have a retail value around $120, so they're sold at places like Last Call, The Rack, TJs, Loehmanns, Marshalls, Off 5th etc - sort of like an outlet model. That means they may not have quite the same quality as full retail price pairs, but many of the "S2D" styles they've been coming out with are actually quite nice.

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Thanks Shopaholism :)

They are cute.  I wouldn't say they are my faves.  But I do like them.  Thanks so much for responding :)

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