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Hey girls. SO I'm currently on the search for a job. Lastnight I applied to a BUNCH of places online and I got an email back from Aritzia this morning. It said:


"Thank you so much for applying online! We think you might be a great fit for our retail store team and would love to meet you. Here are the deets…

WHAT:  A 5-10 minute chat.
WHY:  We know you are way more than just a resume... we want to meet you in person!
WHEN:  We’re ready when you are!  Come see us anytime between 11am - 5pm Monday or Wednesday this week or next week - no appointment necessary!  If these times don’t work for you don’t worry - tell us what works for you and we’ll make it happen.
Aritzia Support Office
611 Alexander St. – Suite 118
Vancouver BC, V6A 1E1
Please let reception know you are there to drop off your resume and we will be right out to meet you!
Psst... don’t worry if this isn’t your dream location, we can sort that all out after your meeting!
P.S. If you would wear it to work on our sales floors it’s just fine to wear in the office.  We LOVE fashion and hope you do too!"



Have any of you girls ever gotten this same email? I'm just wondering if this is a generic reply that they always send. I'm also wondering if it's a group interview..


thanks girls.