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I have been wearing lucky brand 455’s relaxed boot cut jeans for a few years now great jeans.   I recently started the mission of trying to find a similar pair but one that is not as baggy in the thigh and knee area.  I recently tried out their Vintage boot cut 367’s but feel they are too narrow at the bottom.  Since most of their other jeans are straight or skinny I now have to look at other brands.  I have an old pair of true religion jeans boot cut not sure on exact model will check when I get home, but I love how they fit in the thigh and knee area plus they sit very low on the waist which I like, I think the bottoms are just too wide plus I really hate the whole horseshoe thing on the back pockets.  Ideally if I could find a pair that the upper part fits like the true religions and the bottom like the lucky brands I would be happy.

I would like to find jeans that are

-Low Rise

-Boot cut with the bottom being a little larger than most boot cut jeans I see out there.

Also if it helps any I am 6’2” 185lbs


Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated Thanks!