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Paypal Dispute Help

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First, thank you all for reading and help.

I recently bought a pair of shoes from a member here on HF. He was quick in respond between communication at first. But after I sent the payment, he only replied back once saying he will ship the shoes out right away. He never got back to me again and it's now been a week. He sent me a money request for good; and I paid directly with paypal. What is the best way to go about this with paypal dispute??

Thank you


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Contact PayPal and dispute the charges. They will refund you if he can't prove you received the goods. That's why it always pays to ship with a track and trace. 

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You have 45 days for the opening of the dispute. Take your time.

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Still no respond from the guy. What is the best option to dispute? Do I just file a non receiving item? I paid with his money request; and not an invoice nor went through ebay.

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