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@Phukette :why you doubt that i own a bmw?=)...yes getting a lawyer costs money but you can claim it from the scammer.

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I don't doubt you have a BMW, but getting a lawyer is extreme when cheaper avenues are available. Its more common sense.
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yep you are true....im sorry if my post sounded arrogant....sometimes im a loud mouth ha ha.

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I didn't mean that. You're only trying to help baltimore out. I appreciate that.
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Don't worry Baltimore, the guy has no chance winning the case, he's just talking bullshit and chancing it.

My grand father and my father are lawyer 118i, it would be a bit exaggerated since it would cost you more than the jeans. It's like trying to avoid a speed ticket of 90 euros by paying 300 euros to go to court... but people do it in France because they lose points on their drivers licence and when you lose 12 you're done. I've only 5 points left so I better be carefull hehe.

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I hope this goes okay for you but I wonder if he had a pair of fakes already and is going to say that that is what you sent him.

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I tought about that as well...

I'm not an expert with paypal and ebay disputes, but who would be protected if he does show a fake pair he allready had before getting your pair but you claim it's not the pair you sent him? 

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I'm here to support @Baltimore, just paid for 2 of his jogg jeans, a nice person to deal with, sent me many pictures of the jeans before purchasing, very patient and helpful. The jeans are definitely authentic, no doubt!  

I also sell things on eBay, if the buyer send the claim to paypal for review, paypal will contact you to provide as much proof as you can, so just prepare all documents you have, especially the original invoice you ordered the jeans. However, it's difficult for such a third party(paypal) to do the authentication, the case may probably end up with: buyer has to send the jeans back, then you'll refund him.

BTW, as far as I know, the staff of Diesel stores would never authentic items, they have no responsibility to do so. 

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You may also provide evidence via fax. Support service should give you a fax Paypal for additional evidence.

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Everyone thanks for your comments and help!!

For now I'm going to wait till paypal asks for more info on this case, in the meanwhile I'm going to collect all the evidence and make a good documentation of it for when they contact me. In my opinion I got very good evidence to win this case. If it would be so easy to return an item by saying it's fake, in that case I don't want to live on this planet anymore. This means we can buy expensive stuff, wear it for a month, shit on it, and then return it. Or wait... better yet, return fake ones instead, keeping the real one. That's a better idea. So everyone keep an eye on this thread. If he wins, then it also means good news for us. We can buy everything for free!!!!!!!!!!

I will post the whole converstation between paypal and me here so it may be a help for others.
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Recently bought jogg jeans from baltimore! So prompt in providing with pictures and so helpful in deciding size along with getting you the exact kind of pair that fits your needs! I don't doubt for a second that he is an honest and trustworthy seller. You get my full support! If there is anyway I may be of some help with paypal, let me know!
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Thanks for your comment and help Raj. Let us know if I sold you a fake or real one icon_razz.gif You should get yours one of these days now I think.
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I had several Problems with Paypal in the past and I'm sure you will win this since you have all proofs.
But yeah like 118i said they are always People who try to scam other ones even here on denimblog.
I remember the member "Zodiac" has scammed me 2 years ago.
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What did he do?
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I sold hin a Jeans and shipped them with tracking. The Postmen tried to deliver them 3 times but je wasnt at home so I got the Jeans back.
He reported to Paypal that I didn't ship them.
After I wrote with Paypal and with "Zodiac" I shipped them again and again with tracking number.
When he got the Jeans Paypal for some reason gave him his Money back!
I don't know why and they got both tracking numbers to check that I shipped them.
This asshole "Zodiac" never answered my Messages after that and he wasn't active on denimblog anymore.
Well shit happens but I'm sure he got or will get what he deserves.
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hm...in your case quettingen i would have done something more....i mean if paypal is so stupid and cant deal with the situation--

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In my personal experience, I would give all your info to Paypal as soon as possible, before they contact you. I have had some issues in the past where cases have just been closed and Paypal never contacted me, things like that, so from those past experiences I would recommend getting in touch with Paypal, perhaps try calling them, explain to them everything and give them your proof, make sure they know personally that you are in the right here. Paypal can be tricky, most times like Phukette said, they side with the buyer, so you have to do as much as you can with them to prove otherwise. I have had it before, a woman claimed I sold her fake Diesel jeans and threatened me, but she never won because I threatened her right back with evidence. So take the evidence to them first and hopefully it might help! I hope it works out for you! They definitely look real. Good luck!

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118i I did everything. Called them many many times and all they said was that they can't change that
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I have been told by the diesel staff in paris that the joggjeans sold must be warned as fake due to the special texture of denim and color very easy to copy.
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Alright I will email them the whole story with all the proof included
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Originally Posted by pryv75 View Post

I have been told by the diesel staff in paris that the joggjeans sold must be warned as fake due to the special texture of denim and color very easy to copy.

Style Center (eBay seller, also member here) recently began to sell Jogg Jeans, Yoox sold couple of weeks ago all the models (sold out within couple of hours), for example 800A: http://www.yoox.com/nl/36398057CQ/item?dept=&lantern=true#sts=dreambox80&lantern=true and I think you can find Jogg jeans in Diesel Outlet stores now (ask member m3linj)

And I also got hold of these jogg jeans, and since I thought these are popular I decided to re-sell. So I don't know what you really mean by your comment, so I won't say anything, but 1 thing I can say that Diesel probably shipped all their jogg jeans to outlet-ish stores the last couple of weeks and months, to get rid of their stock.

If you think jogg jeans are easy to copy, show me 1 fake jogg jeans. I can shows you many fake krooley's safado's etc though.
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yes you can fake every diesel jean or cut....but to be honest....a fake jean is miles away from an original one =)

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Hello guys! Sorry I been away as I am currently in Central America ... So wifi is limited and most of my time is spent getting burnt in the sun.

I have dealt with PayPal many times since I been eBay seller for 10+ yrs.. Like Phukkett said most of time PayPal will side with buyer. Now having said that, I believe PayPal will most likely close this case by asking buyer to ship the jeans back on his own dime with tracking, once proved the jeans have been returned they will automatically reverse the money from your PayPal account.

From my experience most of the time most buyers don't want to pay return shipping and then bam thats done, case closed.

It's really annoying thus few sellers I dealt before on camera forums just refuse to accept PayPal. But unfortunately if you open online store you gotta factor in dealing with scammers like this once in a while.

Good luck mate!!! And I still love the viker 803w I got from you and they are definitely authentic!!!
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Hmmm but how can I accept washed jeans... he probably washed them with bleach, as he said the colors are gone. icon_smile.gif

But let's assume this happens and the jeans are still new, I paid 16 euro for shipping... so I lose 16 euro. I always send the invoice with total price (payment request). Paypal has a special invoice maker, if I use that, will the the buyer be responsible for shipping costs both ways?
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Recently, estimates vary and Paypal are increasingly took the side of the seller.
Now Paypal is also even more often began to block the accounts of those who discover too many disputes and without the right of appeal. Therefore such fraudsters should think over their actions
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