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Best Black Wash

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What do you think, what is the best black wash of Diesel? Which one is your favorite?

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8qq thavar got three pairs faded with yellow seams, sweet denim
8xo plain made in italy but a little too stiff
81e with elastin so easy to wear
Thavar A and tepphar A from current collection with elastin : light for summer, and cheap.
I love black and grey jeans !
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Only have 8xe in black, but I think they are great
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Originally Posted by pryv75 View Post

8qq thavar got three pairs faded with yellow seams, sweet denim

I'd also say that 8qq is the ebst black wash... would love to have one:(

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8QQ, for sure.

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I've always found diesel doesn't make great black washes. 8QQ is ok but the contrast yellow stitching is too much. 

My favourite black jeans would be nudie black raws, g-star Attacc low in coal or even allsaints truxton Iggy or print cigarette jeans. 

Having said that I absolutely love my shioner 886Z. 

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803M isn't a black wash. Nor does it come in Tepphar I don't think. 

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thanaz 8qq

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for a dirty black wash, 803u is pretty sick. 8qq is also nice with some yellow fading, but size down 1 on these.

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I'm also fond of black & grey denim. I would recommended Shioner 8x6 to you. Very nice pair, with black shinny effect all over the jean. 

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