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Hello World

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Hi everyone,


Nice to see such a vibrant and passionate community of denim lovers. Here's my quick intro: I am Manuel and I live in San Francisco. I have been fascinated by denim brands since I was a kid - Diesel was my absolute favorite back then. There's just something about the Punk Head logo. Today I appreciate a classic 5-pocket jean, selvedge denim and time to wear them in to make them my own. I am looking forward to hearing from all of you.




Mod edit: no plugs please, shameless or otherwise. If you wish to advertise your site you can contact site admin and they will be happy to help you out!


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Welcome Manuel!
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Thanks Jennifer.


I assume it was you who made the "moderation edit" - totally understand btw.

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Actually that was Phukette, our other mod. I'm sure you'll see him around the community!
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Nice to meet you Phukette :) Hope I didn't leave that bad of an impression.

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Welcome--but this is not an authentication thread. Please post in the appropriate subforum.

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Hi manuel, sorry I didn't leave a greeting! Was a busy day. Welcome and looking forward to your expertise around here!!

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Manuel, welcome to the site!  Nice avatar.

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Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the warm welcomes. Been super busy lately.


You guys have started a great community and I am excited to share my passion for denim and jeans with all of you.



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Hi there!!!

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Hey beLOYAL, great to emeet you :)

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