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Restoring prestacking

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So i was interested in finding out how to restore prestacking on some of my jeans but wasnt quite sure what would work and what not so i starterd looking around in the blog and stumbled upon a tip from TwistedLogic that sounded pretty easy and i gave it a shot. i dont know if any of you guys has ever tried it but i definetely recommend it if you can. its actually kinda trickier than it may sound or seem, but thats maybe just because im still considered a "rookie" in Diesel Jeans even though my collection has grown a lot in the past few months. i got Krooley 888R for like 50euros a week ago or so, so it was the cheapest of all my pairs and, subsequently, it turned out to be my "guinea pig" icon_twisted.gif naturally, since it was a used pair, it had not a single sign of prestacking. so, i started with the stacking of the ankles which seemed to be the easiest part and i can say im pretty happy about the result, well considering the fact that it was the first time applying this method etc etc, the result is fine. i tried them on and it seems to hold quite well. next, i think im going to try on giving back some of the stacking on the front, under the pockets etc. i tried doing some of it last night but couldnt figure out a way to make it as symmetrical as possible. 



heres what twisted logic suggest:



Originally Posted by twisted logic View Post

hey guys

speaking of stacking, the guys in the local Diesel store taught me a trick they use to make stacking.

they use those formulas for cloth ironing ( like Merito ) .

On a dry jeans, spray a fair amount on the areas that u want to make a stacking until it get really wet then make a small uneven folds and use cloth clips to hold the folds u made ( use as much clips as u want to make sure the folds u made will stay hold ).

u can do that the on the cuffs, back of the knees areas and under the front pockets too.

Finally, hang them from the waist and wait for them to dry ( u dont have to hang them outside in the sun, just keep them in ur room even if took them more than a day to dry ). 


 i used Merito, and not much of it. just until the part i wanted was wet enough.


and here are the before- after photos of it.



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looks good

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I tryed it too with a starch in a spray and the effect is perfect, like new jeans from the store. And the starch costs only 1€. I used it for the ankles, pockets and knees. Its realy worthwile.

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Ive had a bit of trouble with the knees and pockets, maybe because the denim has become quite soft. cant seem to be able "grab" the fabric with cloth clips where i want. but yeah i agree its worth it!
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I'm gonna be doing this to my shioner 8PN this year.. thanks for this!!  For the starch solution is there amount of Starch vs Water mix ratio to use??

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uhhh i wouldnt know the answer to that as i bought a regular bottle of merito. 





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DC, spray starch is best if you can find it. Absolutely soak the area in the stuff then you form them and hold them with the clothes pegs and make sure you dry them in a hot place like near a heater. Not the dryer though as this won't work. 

And as for get if them symmetrical, good luck with that. Diesel use mannequins, special tying techniques and blast ovens to to do their 3D. And they don't share this tying technique. Believe me, I've asked!

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argh... well, ankle stacking is better than nothing i guess! but ill give it a shot though. 

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