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Diesel inbound - you can send to my USA address in Point Roberts.  I can pick it up for you as I'm in Vancouver and I can ship it to you within Canada.  Your extra costs are:


- $3.50USD for post service

- $14 for shipping within Canada w/ Canada's regular parcel w/ tracking.  insurance is extra.

- Possible tax/duties at the boarder when I declare the jeans at customs.  Often they don't charge but incase they do, you'll be responsible for it before I can ship the jeans out to you.


let me know if you like to proceed further.

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Hi Guys I am hoping someone in either Germany or the Netherlands would be able to proxy a pair of jeans for me from the Diesel online site. Its a pair of Black Gold Superbia, which are on sale at the best price in these countries but unfortunately for me are still full price in the UK. I will of course pay all fees, the jeans are 115euro in Germany or 119euro in Netherlands (with an extra 10% off). If someone could help I would be very greatful having proxyd several pair for people myself on the forum. Thanks, inbox me! :-)
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The same thing. I am looking for a man who could be a proxy for regular purchases in the online store diesel

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I can help you out from Ireland. But I asked Baltimore and he hooked me up. He's in the Netherlands.
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ive done this for a long time on this forum... link in sig

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I live in the USA. PM me if any needs help.
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Hi, I need proxy help. I live in the CAN and I want to buy jeans from eBay UK. The seller would not send it to CAN, only UK. Please pm me if any can help. The auction ends tomorrow so someone please help me



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@Denim Collector


I was wondering if you could help my buy the Thavar 821B from the US Diesel store. I also sent you a PM. Thanks in advance!

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I noticed the link in my sig isnt a link... oops!


Use the Skydiver Nick Proxy Service! 

I will require payment up front of item + my fee + paypal fees + shipping to you.

My fee will be 8% of total, $12 minimum.

Ex. Jeans (150) + Shipping (9) + Fee ($12) = $171 + Paypal Fees (use the "To recieve this amount after fees box" on thefeecalculator.com) (5.42) = $176.42


PM me here or email me skydivernick@aol.com

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I need some proxy help. Since this concerns only people from Germany, I might as well write in German.

Ich benötige die Hilfe eines Users mit Wohnadresse in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

Wenn sich jemand angesprochen fühlt und mir helfen möchte, so melde er sich schnellstmöglich bei mir per PN.

Danke im voraus für die Hilfe! :)

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Can anyone help me out. Someone from uk that can ship to Canada . Please get back to me ASAP
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if no one else steps forward i don't mind helping out. 

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hello - is there anyone in UK England that can proxy for me?

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