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Hey all. Glad I found this place. I am a sucker for jeans as shown by my collection that outnumbers my wife's 5 to 1. I am a bit of an odd ball in that I have come to the point that I prefer women's low rise bootcut jeans to men's. My waist is not at my belly button and I absolutely cannot stand a saggy butt. I want a jean that claims to be low rise to actually sit on my hips my hips not migrate down to them. Unfortunately the few mens jeans I have found that do that are skinny all the way down and while I like skinny from time to time, its not my favorite style.


So basically my jeans motto is: Hip rise should actually be at my hip, the crotch should be at my crotch, my butt should be visible and spandex in men's jeans is not a crime ;)

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Hi! Welcome to the forum! I know numerous guys who like to wear women's jeans! Whatever suits your body shape the most, doesn't matter what gender the clothes are. I own some men's clothes myself!

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Welcome! I agree with Lorna! If it fits and you like the way it looks, who cares who it's made for! Glad to have you in the community.
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Welcome! Whatever makes you feel good, right? You'll have fun here.




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Welcome to the site WhiteCat!

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I could use some help here whenever I buy jeans they fit well but I'm start driving crossing my Legs and after a few wears my butt starts to sag and looks like old mens jeans.and I'm wondering if theres a stretch jean that would work, 36 34 I don't care if they are mens or women's, only that the butt keeps it shape. Any suggestions?
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