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Hi guys !

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My name is Gilles, and I'm from Paris, France.

I've been reading the Diesel forum for some time now, and I feel like I need to finally raise my voice. I'm an avid denim lover and, in general, I like nice clothes, but I don't have the chance to have friends to talk to about it.

At work, people just don't give a damn about fashion and I often find myself to be over dressed, so I'm pleased to share my love for fashion with you guys.

I've been looking for the perfect jean since I'm ~25. Before that, I just didn't care at all about it. One day, I bought a nice Levi's bootcut jean (Levi's 512 red tab if I recall) and *boom* that was it. I wore Levi's outfits for a couple years and then discovered Diesel and immediately switched brands.

At one point, I had ~25 pairs (which is a lot for me), but I've managed to get it back to  ~10 and now my closet feels empty ;)

I've been a Zatiny lover and now, I'm mostly a Viker and Safado guy and I'm desperate to find a OUR-NOMAD 008PP in 32x32.

I had one pair in 33x34 but they were clearly too large&long, still I loved them sweetly.

So, nice to meet you all and I'm looking forward to know you better ;)

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You sound like a man after my own heart! Your story is so familiar to mine and a lot of people here, we're even the same size! I think you'll fit in nicely. Very pleased to meet and I'm looking forward to your contribution!

As for the our nomad, the diesel our glory jeans didn't get much love here for some reason and I've never spotted a pair for sale but I'll keep my eyes peeled for ya. 

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Hi Phukette, I've read a lot of your posts and it seems we have the same body type, I digg a lot of the things you wear.

I'm 1.87m (I'm told by google it's approximately 6 feet 1⅝ inch) for 76 kgs and I've got above average thighs (lot of BMX in my days).

Even before Zatiny, I briefly wore Levan/Busky, but now I can clearly see it was too baggy. A man's got to learn, right ?

For everything shirt, I'm into made to measure (large shoulders, thin waist and long arms don't help).

I'm thinking about trying skinnier (a little bit) cuts than Safado but I'm very much not sur about where I should start.

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Thavar would be the best place to start. Stick with your normal size though. They'll take a little getting used to in the beginning. I thought they were ridiculously skinny on me when I first tried them but now I can't see myself wearing anything else. If you can fit your thighs into Safado then Thavar should be no problem. They'll just feel slimmer in the calf area and have a more straight profile. If it turns out to be too slim then maybe I suggest you try braddom/iakop/Darron and size down one from your Safado size. This will give you the extra room in the thigh while giving a slim look. Trial and error is how I did it. 

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Welcome! Glad you found the site and looking forward to your contributions!
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I think this is a story that many of us here can definitely relate to! Hopefully you like it here and join in more than just reading!

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Gilles, nice to meet you. Welcome to the site!!

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