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Spring Picks

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I am so ready for Spring! These are my top picks for Spring styles:
What are you craving for Spring?

MiH Breathless Skinny jeans:

Liberty of London x J Crew:

Paige Pipeline:
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very sexy

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Love them. I'm into white jeans right now. I'm looking to get these J Brand 1550 Grayson jeans. Look how cute the cargo pockets are....


J Brand | 1550 Grayson Jeans



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I'm obsessed with white jeans right now...I think its because I am so ready for the weather to warm up! Those J Brands are cute!
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I found another Spring pair I want. DL 1961 2011 - Amanda in JFK in peach. Look at the zipper detail on the pocket. Want!



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I adore these skinny crochet jeans by Current/Elliott! Usually I am not usually a huge fan of pants with a lot of details, but these are very well done. I think they are the perfect patterned jeans for the spring!



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I think the pattern on those is really interesting. Looks like SJP loves them too: http://www.denimblog.com/2013/04/sarah-jessica-parker-in-currentelliott-the-ankle-skinny-in-crochet/

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I wouldn't touch any of these (that first pair looks like what happens when my dad does the laundry...) but I can attest that white skinnies seem to be really popular--I posted a pair of white J Brand skinnies up back in March and they sold within a day, and I was getting inquiries from buyers even after the listing had been completed!

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I definitely think that white skinny/straight leg jeans are a new "staple." except please, don't go too tight!

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I just got these awesome tie dyed Hudsons that I am really excited about! Not that I need two pairs of tie-dye pants, but I also love this Free People flare version. Great, fun jeans for spring and summer. 



Hudson Tilda Jeans in Lucy in the sky



Free People Color Fade Tie Dye Flare in iceburg

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Wow those Free People ones are intense. They sorta remind me of these:

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Thought I'd give this thread a bump now that spring is here!

This is my top pick for spring:


and these from Rag & Bone:

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Great choices Jennifer!


I am in love with these embellished jeans from J Brand:



Unfortunately they are out of my price range so I may have to opt for a more simple pair like these (also J Brand):

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I love the first pair! I wonder how hard those would be to do a DYI...

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I'm not sure but that's a great idea. If you try it let us know how it goes!!

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I like the jeggings by jcrew. Can be worn as everyday clothes.. I dont go out often... so to me i pick the printed jeggings because I think the design is best for indoor or outdoor activity, If you choose white im  pretty sure you cant wear it anytime and anywhere. Hope im helping.

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