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Darron 809V Sizing......Help?

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So I am going to pick up Darron 809V but wont get the chance to try them on first. For some reason I get the impression that they are probably thick denim?


Not sure whether to get 30/30 or 31/30. Has anyone had any expeience with these, or does anyone live near a store and wouldnt mind giving them a go?


All of my Thavars are a 30/30 as are most of my Tepphar. My Shioners are mostly 31x30 (unless stretch) and my Darron 880R is 30x30 (again, stretch).


Any help would be appreciated!



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I'm also thinking about 809v's, I have Darron 803W in 31x30 and it fits me dead perfectly, and those are very heavy denim.


Based on that Im ordering 31x30 for sure, maybe you should think even 29x30? Because you wear thavars in 30 .....

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This could just be my experience, but I find they run somewhat large overall, especially on the thighs... you might want to size down if you're looking for a slimmer fit. And no worries about the waist, because it will expand in time. The denim is on the thick side, but not rigid. Hope this helps.

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denim is thick 12.5 oz

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@ Leftvapor - I just received a pair in my usual size 31x30. The fabric is thick, yet still kinda soft. As for size I find them wide so I am considering sizing down to 30x30. Lot of stacking makes me wonder if not 30x32 is even better. 


Does anyone know if the stacking will gradually give way?


I like the dark color and the treatment they haven given the jeans. Cool!

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i want to get these jeans but they are too close to 8ym (which i already have in larkee) to justify getting them. oh well. maybe theyll be some better blue eyecons next season.

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Thanks for your help Team, I think I will get my usual 30x30. I have never been able to size down to a 29 so I think 30x30 will be fine.


Thanks again, will post pics when I get them.

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I have a size question, too

If i can fit in Darron 809V 27/30, shoould I size up for Shioner 805A?

Can anyone help me with it?


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