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Hi everyone,


I am new on this blog especially because I need the help of this community and it is an oportunity to do a useful topic maybe for you as well.


I am 5"9 tall and 143 lbs.

- Viker and viker-r-box >>> W27 L32 (have to try L30)

- Safado >>> W28 L32 (perfect size)


And this is my question :


I own three viker-r-box, one viker and one safado and all these jeans in L32.

Even if there are different models (straight) the length is exactly the same.


But for me L32 is a little bit too long but not too much.


So can someone give me precisely the difference between L30 and L32 especially for the viker ?

I am really interesting concerning the only viker on this collection, the viker 807C.


So for people how owe this model, how is the waist compared to your other vikers ?

(Hi TimWatley, your opinion really interest me!)




... and sorry for mistakes, i am french.

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one of the features of the viker cut is that they run long. they're supposed to be like that. i'd say a length 30 in viker is probably closer to a 32". 32" is probably closer to a 34" etc.

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