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pink men's jeans

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so i was about to buy these fabulous pink MEN's jeans on amazon i hadnt seen anywhere before and then i decided to sleep on it. next day, i couldnt find them anywhere. not even a photo. anyone know what im talking about? or was it all a fever dream?

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It's not a dream. I own a pair. It's from last seasons collection and was on diesel online store for about 6 months.
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Yeah try searching for Thavar 801D in salmon pink. Should still be available in a few places. 

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thanks guys. these salmon pink ones are nice but i was actually talking about a pair thats hot pink. anyone have any thought?

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exactly those. but for boys. 

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What do you guys think of the Thavar 801D Salmon?? man can I pull it off for the summer season?? is it too .... funky?

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DC, too funky? The funkier the better:)
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but the jeans for men in pink color would look ridiculos i am surprised wiwth such entry here. what would be the price of it is unkonw??

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I like pink jeans for men! I think salmon can look preppy so if you want to an edgier look go for a darker or hotter pink!

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