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Thoughts on Thavar 810X ?

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I've seen those in person and I actually really quite liked them, I don't remember them being as sandy as that but then I probably saw a pair with less sand since they are individual, but I think the faint pinstripes are really cool.

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I also like them a lot, is a really unique pair of jeans. On the other hand, are they worth EUR 250 ? ;)

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Thanks guys, I appreciate your feedback.

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I got a pair
Fading is very nice and subtle
And yes they worth the price : denim is heavy, they are made in italy and fading is art of state.
The only thing is that they are real summer pair and you cannot imagine wearing them before may and after octobre (i live in paris !)
I have posted pics in a relevant topic in the forum some weeks ago.
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Yes, after I posted this, I saw your post.  Absolutely  LOVE Paris.  Grew up in Madrid.  I miss Europe so much.  This why I go somewhere every year in Europe.  Went to Itally last year.  It will be Spain this year in May.  Im counting the days.  LOL

Thanks for your feedback as well.

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