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Please help me ID these jeans??

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They are high waist straight leg, with embroidered squiggle. Dark blue black

Info on label is:



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the J in the style number tells me that they're straight-to-discount (outlet model, made to sell at TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Loehmann's/Off 5th/Last Call, and only retailing for $120 or so). Other than that I don't really have info, since there are so many S2D versions of washes that look nothing like their full-retail cousins...

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Thank you. That is strange, why do they make some straight for discount I wonder? I bought them from House of Fraser, which is an old and very respectable department store, not a discount store. They were marked up £190, but I got them in the sale...... Perhaps in the UK, they operate a bit differently
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hmmm, interesting. 190 pounds seems low for European retail, though (is that the normal retail price you tend to see over there?)...I'd be curious to see a tag pic if you happen to be photographing them anyway. Maybe they're a Europe-only pair?

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Here is the tag. It is a normal retail price I think.
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Interesting--I think they are a Euro pair after all. I tried googling the wash code and was only getting results from German clothing websites (none of them spelled out the wash name, though)

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