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Thrift store find or fail

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Hi! New here-stumbled upon my first pair of SFAM's in a thrift store and am loving them, started looking for more online/local thrift stores-was hoping someone could tell me I these are real or not? Thanks for any help!
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Does it smell like R Kelly's sheets??

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I guess I did say "any" help icon_smile.gif. Real or fake, they went thru the wash first.
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fake :(

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How can you tell so I avoid this?
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Also, is there a way to determine by style an cut #? Style # U201NJ080U-470S
Cut# 719336
eBay is killing me icon_sad.gif
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The tag font is totally wrong (the stamped numbers) and the yellow thread on the size tag is too shiny. Here's an authentication guide to get you started: http://www.authenticforum.com/seven-all-mankind-jeans/104-official-seven-authentication-guide-start-here-basics.html

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